What is Gut Flora?

Gut flora is, in the simplest terms, the ecosystem in your gut. More specifically, gut flora refers to the things inside of your digestive system that interact with one another and with the food that you take in.

From the first days of life, gut flora help the gut to develop as it should. Gut flora helps the gut to function properly. Gut flora aids the gut with the process of digestion. Gut flora play a part in the absorption of minerals, as well as the absorption of other sorts of nutrients. Gut flora even participate in the process of synthesizing vitamins. As you can see, gut flora are an important part of your overall digestive health.

Gut flora do a number of other things for you as well. Gut flora, for example, help to break down carcinogens, heavy metals, and chemicals that are found in the diet. Gut flora help to create a natural barrier that acts against harmful bacteria, antigens, and toxins. In addition, gut flora help to protect the body against infection.

Keeping the right balance of gut flora is essential to the functioning of the digestive system. Sometimes, our bodies may need a little bit of help with keeping this balance.