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  1. Elijah says:

    Thank you to all my loyal customers family and junkies 😉 I love you all! Eat well and be well!

  2. Kathryn and Emily says:

    We love you Elijah! The site looks great. Your kefir is top notch, there’s nothing like it in the world! We’re proud to stock it at Choice! Aloha

  3. Jessica says:

    Love the yogurt! First thing in the morning…I’ve already done something good for my body within five minutes of waking up…and it’s yummy. Thank you!

  4. Jessica says:

    Love the yogurt! First thing in the morning…I’ve already done something good for my body within five minutes of waking up…and it’s yummy. Thank you!

  5. Dr. med. Robert M. Santry says:

    I add a testominial to the vitality and efficacy of Cocunut Kefar products as a medical doctor. Each person is responsible for the knowledge of health and the mangagement of his/her health. This means understanding the fundamentals of what constitutes healthy living (diet, exercise, rest) and (mental attitude as well as spirituality).
    I highly recommend Chef Elijah’s products and his services as a health specialist.

  6. Debbie says:

    Got dosed with chocolate, I’m sensitive to caffeine , started to cramp but the Keifer stopped it within minutes. Much Mahalos Debbie Makawao Farmers Market

  7. Ed Hartz says:

    Hello, I was referred to you by a friend. This is great that you promote coconut kefir. We have a Noelani Coconut Water Company in New York Metro. We only deal in fresh green coconuts. There is nothing like the real thing as opposed to the processed and packaged brands out there today. Keep up the good works. We will tell everyone here about you in case they want to know more about Kefir coconut water.

    Ed Hartz

  8. Mark Harding says:

    Elijah…..we loved the samples of your coconut kefir at the Hilo Coconut Festival on Coconut Island (Moku Ola)! Primo music, hula, weather, & people; it was all so good……..we drank a pint jar at the festival & took home a quart. Looking forward to the coconut yogurt & kefir. Welcome to the Big Island….. your positive energy & actions will benefit all those who consume these health building foods. E Malama I Ka Aina, E Ola Pono (Cherish the Land, Live in Health & Harmony)******Mark

  9. Maile says:

    I LOVE your coconut kefir. I need to have a lot of self control to not finish it in a day. It is amazing, like nothing else. Love it so much I had to leave a comment!

  10. Caroline says:

    Aloha Eliajah, Have tried your product. It’s very good. What quantities and prices are they sold in? Mahalo. caroline

  11. Tasha says:

    May God bless your company- really enjoyed the kefir!! I expect improvements in my health as I try to drink this more often. Fresh, top of the line, no fake stuff!!!

  12. Summer says:

    Having had some challenging health issues, I was unable to gain weight (no matter what I ate). From the time I started using the coconut kefir my digestion improved dramatically and I have now returned to my normal weight. I believe this product is one of the best medicines anyone could incorporate into a healthy diet. I’m hooked and convinced that good intestinal flora is key to a healthy body. Thank you for a great product…and the great service you provide!

  13. Jonathan Biel says:

    I have made three purchases of your kefir product (2 quarts, and one 16 oz from Mana Foods in Paia) and the first two quarts were splendid! Great kefir odor and “pop” when opening the jars, healthy effervescence, and a refreshing, tangy taste. I was very pleased to find your product – a favorite probiotic drink I have mostly made myself.

    Unfortunately, the smaller jar was a disappointment. The jar apparently didn’t ferment for when I opened the jar, there was no pressure built up and the liquid, while pleasant to taste, was very sweet and syrupy – clearly the bacteria had not consumed much, if any, of the original sugar content of the coconut water.

    While very impressed with the two jars that had properly fermented, I hope your quality control catches further jars that haven’t fermented because it is a real disappointment to pay a premium for our kefir, with the anticipation of really enjoying it, only to find the fermentation process never occurred and that all I really have is a jar of sugary coconut water.

    Jonathan Biel

  14. Harry Feld says:

    Is your coconut kefir available in the continental USA yet?

  15. Rhodesian Ridgeback says:

    please do not get involved with NOELANI or Ed Hartz.

    if you have not read the rip off report — please do, before you find yourself ripped off.


  16. Renee says:

    I had this while staying at the G. Wailea-Bring it to California!!!! I can’t live without it now. this is such a clean and healthy product! Best part-it’s vegan!

  17. Brittany says:

    I bought your Coconut Water Kefir at Mana Foods last week and I love it! I am astonished by how wonderful even 1 or 2 oz of this product makes me feel. I can’t wait to try the yogurt. My health and tummy thank you!
    Aloha, Brittany

  18. Lisa says:

    Found your product when visiting Hawaii. How can we get this in New York?? Help 🙂

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