Aloha from Chef Elijah
& Welcome to Maui Coconut Kefir:

Maui Coconut Kefir was created in the April of 2011 I have been a chef now for 15 years. Over the last three years I have switched gears from cooking five star cuisines and started studying nutrition in 2009. Coming from the Appalachian Mountains, where I grew up on whole food grown on our family garden and wild game, then venturing out into the culinary world, I understand the importance of quality food and how this plays a role directly with the body, mind and spirit.

Like Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine” and Upanisad said “The subtle energy of your food becomes your mind”.

Live Coconut Kefir Probiotics!!

Probiotics are the friendly flora found in our digestive system known as your “I Flora”. This essentially is our digestive system. Our flora deteriorates from bad eating habits, chemicals, heavy metals, harsh pharmaceuticals, and age. Coconut kefir, I have found, is the most amazing way to replenish your I flora, with food, that is yummy!

This is why I think so! I LOVE super foods! Coconut is the king of all super foods. Because it has high counts of vitamins and minerals, among many other things, that are bio available, our bodies absorb and consume them almost immediately, giving you instant access to the now remaining live Probiotics. These Probiotics are now free to work on what else might be lingering in your digestive system including but not limited to Candida the sugar virus, sugars, yeast, molds, parasites, fungus, heavy metals and chemicals. By removing these free radicals from our digestive system we will start to assimilate our food better and easier. This means we will get more nutrition out of the food we eat. Also this will allow these nutrients to get through our blood system and to our vital organs more rapidly. The faster we get these live nutrients, the more vibrant they are. There for boosting the vibrancy of our organs will then boost our immune system .When our immune system is vibrant we are creating a wonderful army of white blood cells. White blood cells “as I know it” are our body’s #1 defense to keeping us younger, longer, our skin softer and eyes brighter! Live, Alive!

Please eat well!
With Love, Chef Elijah Manahan 1/17/2012.